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How to turn off email notifications on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry by Jared Dec 19

As the holidays approach, give yourself a gift: spend some time with loved ones, and away from email.  AwayFind will notify you if something matters right now, so turn off your email checking and notifications.  Here’s how…

Note: these instructions have been taken from our Guide to Not Checking Email, which is available for download on the Getting Started screen for all AwayFind users.


  • Select the Settings application
  • Select Sounds
  • Change New Email to Off or None
Note: you’ll also want to turn off the Badge icon for iPhone, which lets you know about unread messages.  We recommend turning off this huge distraction:

  • Select the Settings application
  • Select Notifications
  • Scroll down to and click on Mail
  • Change Badge App Icon to Off
You can also click here to download AwayFind for iPhone


  • Select the Gmail application
  • Press the Menu button and then select Settings
  • Uncheck Email notifications and any other options that may be available in your version of Android, such as Notify Once

You can also click here to download AwayFind for Android

Windows Phone 7

  • Select the Settings application
  • Select ringtones+sounds
  • Change New email to None


  • Select Profiles
  • Select the active profile and click Edit
  • Select Messages
  • Change the volume to mute and turn off the LED repeat notification if you’d like
  • Save when exiting the profile

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