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Looking for advanced iPhone Mail VIP Settings? Welcome to AwayFind, the original and much more powerful VIP. by Jared Sep 22

Email interruptions kill our workday—they take about 4 minutes to get back on track from, and they rarely relate to our most important tasks.  But missing an urgent email could cost us our job or result in a missed-opportunity.

That’s the fundamental principle behind AwayFind—getting away from your email, we find you when something matters now.  Thank you, Apple, for today exposing millions of people to these ideas with VIP for Mail.  For those who want a much richer & more powerful implementation of their product, you should consider AwayFind.

In a coming post, I’ll outline in depth the differences between Priority Inbox & VIP, and my suggestions for how to improve both products.  Here I’ll cut to the chase, and explain some of the core things that are possible with AwayFind, that are not possible with VIP:

  • Contact Recommendations – the biggest challenge with VIP is setting up your VIP list. Could you come up with that list easily? Will you remember to update it? AwayFind generates a ranked list of the 25 people you reply to the fastest, and sends you an updated list every month. VIP offers no guidance, which makes setup difficult and the likeliness of missing an email very high.
  • Calendar Alerts – We notify you when someone emails right before your appointment with them.  If you have a lot of meetings, you will absolutely love this.
  • Flexible Contact Alerts – VIP only notifies you when a message arrives from a specific email address, rather than a domain or a name.  For instance, VIP cannot alert you when you receive an email from “” or “Friedman” – it can only alert you when an exact email match is found, like “”
  • Subject Alerts – sometimes a specific email discussion is very important, not an email address.  AwayFind can alert you based on email subjects, such as those with the word “Urgent” or “ASAP,” or one titled, “Proposal due tomorrow.”
  • Custom Alerts – sometimes you need very specific conditions for being alerted—perhaps a message with the word “server down” in the body, but only sent to you
  • Expiring Alerts – A person or discussion that’s important now, might only be important tomorrow. AwayFind allows you set expiring alerts that make a special alarm go off on your phone.
  • Support for Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps – if you don’t use Apple Mail as your mail client, you can’t do anything with VIP in other email applications.  AwayFind supports the most popular desktop and web clients.
  • VIP for Android – Got an Android device?  AwayFind has apps for both iOS and Android.
  • SMS and Voice Alerts – Don’t have a smartphone?  Traveling without a data plan?  AwayFind can SMS or even call you when a critical email arrives.
  • Delegation and Management – AwayFind can be configured to alert several people or across different channels (Voice+SMS+Android) when a really critical email arrives.
  • Crisis Communications – Every AwayFind user receives a contact form they can provide to their colleagues.  When their colleagues fill it in, it automatically escalates a message into an AwayFind alert.
  • CRM Integration – If you use Salesforce, you can create custom conditions for when someone is a VIP based on Salesforce data.  If you use another CRM, just let us know and we can work with you, too.
  • Corporate/Central Management – VIP is a fundamentally personal/consumer tool.  AwayFind is a business tool, and it can be provisioned and managed across an entire organization.

As you can see, we not only offer many more features, but we’re much more likely to catch your urgent emails.  We support a wider variety of technologies, and we integrate much more deeply in a workplace.

So if you’ve tested the waters with VIP and want something more, take AwayFind for a spin today.

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  1. Been looking for this for ages. Thanks Jared!

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