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AwayFind is like a digital assistant for your email — your team can get away from their inbox but still receive urgent messages.

Instant Priority Alert System

Some emails demand an immediate response. Sales opportunities, customers to support, last-minute meeting changes... users can set these and other emails to trigger instant mobile alerts.

Manage your team's most precious resource: Attention.

It takes 4 minutes to get back on track from every email interruption.
Fight back constant interruptions with AwayFind, so there's no need for your users to constantly check their email.

Nothing to Learn. Works with Your Tools.

AwayFind natively supports the most popular email and mobile platforms. No
website to visit — it works in your email interface. Users can even set SMS and
voice alerts, anywhere in the world!

Zero Setup for Users

Provisioning your users takes seconds for an admin. For them to get started is as simple as entering their phone number or installing a mobile app.

Training and Integration Support

Whether you're looking to connect your CRM, achieve a specific ROI or train your users, we're here to help. Feel free to call +1 415-992-5177 or email us.

Secure and Reliable

Our VMware Enterprise Private Cloud is hosted at NTT America, a World Fortune 50 organization. We maintain the latest security patches and PCI-caliber compliance. We only store messages that are essential for your users, and all our data is encrypted. We've processed more than 60 million messages for over 2,000 companies.

Team Plans

up to 50 users

Plans start at

  • 10% discount for 5+ users
  • 20% discount for 20+ users
  • 2 months free with the
    purchase of an annual plan
  • See how it works
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Enterprise Plans

We offer substantial discounts, predictable pricing, and comprehensive integration support. The more email volume you have, the more we'd love to help.
Call us at +1 415-992-5177 or
email us today.

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Looking for a personal plan? AwayFind offers solutions for individuals as well.