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Mobile alerts of urgent
messages for worry-free
time away from your

AwayFind for Google Apps is automatically installed for all users as a native app. Built directly within users' Gmail accounts, the AwayFind gadget offers a self-explanatory setup and features one-click functionality for creating urgent alerts.

AwayFind is like a digital assistant for your email — your team can get away from their inbox but still receive urgent messages

Designed for Google Apps

With a single click in Gmail, set up alerts for emails from specific people or topics that are important to you. When they arrive, instantly receive an alert via SMS, Voice Call or iPhone and Android apps. Google Apps Gadget Alert The AwayFind gadget is part of your Gmail interface, with no separate install necessary

Calendar-smart alerts

AwayFind automatically connects with your Google Apps calendar and notifies you with an instant alert when you receive an email from someone you're meeting with that day.

Get time back on your side

Email interruptions take away 28% of worker productivity. Not having to worry about missing important mails, AwayFind lets your team stop checking email every five minutes and focus on what really matters.

Secure and Reliable

Our VMware Enterprise Private Cloud is hosted at NTT America, a World Fortune 50 organization. We maintain the latest security patches and PCI-caliber compliance. We only store messages that are essential for your users, and all our data is encrypted. We've processed more than 60 million messages for over 2,000 companies.

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Five-Star Average Rating on Google Marketplace

  • Getting an important email from my wife or a client without having to sift through my inbox or check email more than twice per day has not only improved my productivity, but has helped me to get important work done.”

    Mike Vardy

  • Being able to use AwayFind, I'm completely reachable, but I'm not easily interruptible. After implementing AwayFind, I'm down to about 50 emails a day and I'm only checking email (officially) about 1 time per day.”

    Addis Hallmark

  • I've turned off all of my iPhone alerts and use AwayFind to notify me of important emails. It's also a life saver for meetings as it will notify me if someone sends me an email who I'm scheduled to have a meeting with.”

    Greg Zilberfarb
    The Sales Network

  • AwayFind gives me the confidence to do what I need to do without feeling like I have to hover over my inbox 24/7. I can highly recommend AwayFind for any Gmail user who wants to do more than email for a living.”

    Merlin Mann