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Getting started is easy. All you need is email and a phone. We also offer more for Gmail, Outlook, iPhone and Android.

The Emails You Need

There are important people and important topics in life that you can't miss. Get alerted to just these emails and save your attention for what matters. The rest can wait, rather than consume your whole day.

Calendar alerts keep you on track

Appointments change all the time. AwayFind Calendar Alerts notify you automatically of emails that relate to upcoming meetings.

But which emails matter?

It can be hard to figure out which emails demand your attention. We'll show you the people you reply to quickly, so it's easier to decide which emails are important.

When They Matter

Sometimes a person is only important today. No need to revisit your AwayFind settings tomorrow. When creating an alert, just decide how long it will last: the next hour, day, week, month, or forever. We'll get your attention when it matters, not after.

Like right now!

Sometimes you're out and about where you can't (or shouldn't) check your email... but there's ONE email you need to know about. With our Android and iPhone apps, that one email can find you immediately with the Waiting for NOW function.

Wherever You Are

You really can escape your inbox. AwayFind will find you no matter where you are or what device you have. Receive timely emails as SMS or Voice alerts around the globe, iPhone or Android alerts, Chrome desktop notifications, and instant messages.

Works With Just a Click

AwayFind is seamlessly integrated into Gmail and Outlook, making it easy to manage alerts right within your email. So when email's on your mind (and your desktop), AwayFind's one click away.


For individual users, there's the AwayFind browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox. Set up alerts for a person or topic in 2 clicks.

Google Apps

Through the Google Apps Marketplace, you can manage AwayFind in the footer of your email (no client software to install). Following senders and topics takes a single click.


The AwayFind for Outlook (2003-2010) plugin lets you see your settings and follow topics with a single click.

The AwayFind Difference

Attention Management, not Inbox Management

There are many ways to customize and re-organize your inbox, but they won't solve the real problem. The real problem is spending 4 hours there. Your job is more than just email. With AwayFind, you can get away from your inbox and focus on what's important.

What if AwayFind misses an urgent message?

You'll still check your email with AwayFind, you'll just check it less often. Similarly, you'll miss far fewer time sensitive messages. It takes just a day or two to get a handle on when we're going to notify you and when we're not. Many customers are surprised at how well our system works after just a few clicks in the setup.

How is AwayFind different from Gmail's Priority Inbox?

Gmail's Priority Inbox helps you to find the 20 or 30% of your emails that are important to you, and it displays them in your Gmail inbox. AwayFind helps you to find the 2-3% of emails that are urgent NOW, and it notifies you of them when you're outside your inbox. The two products work well together. AwayFind helps you to spend more time outside of your inbox, Priority Inbox helps you to spend the time inside your inbox more effectively.

How is AwayFind different from Outlook Rules and Gmail filters?

Outlook Rules and Gmail Filters move messages around within your mailbox. AwayFind escalates messages outside of your mailbox. A Rule/Filter could file an receipt to your 'Receipts' folder. An AwayFind Alert could call you if an important client emails in the next 24 hours.

Some other differences:

AwayFind alerts can expire, can be turned on from your mobile phone, and take just a couple seconds to create. Additionally, many AwayFind alerts are intelligent--'I want to be notified if someone emails just before our meeting.'

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